The Contented Kid Cookbook of Treats & Eats (Apple iBook)


Do you GRIMACE every time you’re faced with bright blue, sugar-laden, additive-packed ice-lollies?

Do you say NO when your kids plead for one, then feel like the meanest mummy in the world? Or do you say YES, and then feel like the worst mummy in the world for letting the kids fill their beautiful bodies with nasties?

Are you ‘That Mum’? I am. I am ‘That Mum’.

After realising what I wanted to feed my kids was not in the stores, I developed my own recipes.

The Contented Kid Cookbook is packed full of Mum Created Recipes (23 Treats and 7 Eats). Some are naturally sweet and contain no added sugar. Others swap out some of the sugar for fruit. And all are intentionally nutritious (with no nasty additives in sight…)

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