We’re all back from Sunny Spain, Y Viva Espana!

Hola!! (And that’s about as far as my Spanish, certainly post-baby Spanish, stretches)

It’s true, BF, Hubby and I are all back in the UK and into our normal every day lives after nearly three weeks of ‘ab’normality ๐Ÿ™‚

Although I suspected I was wrong, I had hoped that the ‘work twice as hard before and twice as hard after’ holiday syndrome wouldn’t apply to me now I worked for myself. But it seems I was wrong, and even those supposedly in charge of their own working destiny are not immune to working so hard in the run up to a break, a holiday is literally the only thing they can then do.

As our holiday began to draw closer, I began to realise that on the Thursday evening before our holiday, I’d organised a sneak preview of The Contented Calf Cookbook for some friends, supporters and local breastfeeding experts to celebrate the official launch. And not only were we showcasing the cookbook, but also a selection of nibbles from said cookbook. So Thursday saw me cooking and baking from 5:50am until 4:50pm virtually non-stop, then jumping in the car to set up ready for ‘kick-off’ at 7pm. The event was a success (posts on this to follow), but after many late nights’ preparation, I wasn’t early to bed that night either, even though I was very early to rise.

However, preview event done and dusted, on Monday morning we set off to Gatwick – hurrah!! (via a weekend of wrapping up work as much as possible, a friend’s lovely wedding and a few final work emails on the blackberry in the car and at the airport!).

Although we were going with my parents and my sister was also joining us for a few days, I was slightly nervous about how BF (now 2 years and 2 months) would behave on the plane – she’s not one for sitting still or being quiet! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. She LOVED the take off!! And for 2 hours out of the 2 hours 40 minutes, was absolutely fine and easy(ish) to entertain. The last 40 mins were a bit tough with some screeching, wriggling and kicking about, but it was definitely manageable and not the hell I’d imagined.

And what was awaiting us when we got there was definitely worth it:


How glorious is that? ๐Ÿ™‚

We were staying in a villa owned by friends of friends of my parents, on a small complex, complete with big pool, baby pool and 5 minutes (if that) from the beach.

It took us a little while to get into our holiday routine. We discovered mid-way through that it was definitely better to eat out at lunch and at least let BF have her dinner at the villa, if not all of us. Outside evening meals every night were just a little too exciting and led to pre-bed melt-downs and a few “I don’t want Spain”s and “I want my own home”s. And as I’m sure all parents will testify, there’s definitely less ‘relaxing round the pool’ to be had, and more ‘shouting “stop running”, while running yourself after a toddler round the pool’. But it was a lovely lovely break and such a great idea to con the grandparents into coming too so that there were another two sets of hands! BF LOVED the beach, and luckily her sunglasses (though not suncream), and we found a great play-ground too – what more could we ask for?


sunglasses slide

The flight back was less enjoyable than the one there as for some crazy reason I thought that BF would sleep on the flight! (What WAS I thinking!??!) So the 7:30pm flight time was great. As you can imagine, she did not. She just got crazy, manic over-tired and virtually un-controllable or entertain-able. After a number of ‘glances’ from other passengers, I can say that I did end the flight in tears – exhausted, physically and emotionally. By the time we got to our car at 9:30pm UK / 10:30pm Spanish time, BF was inconsolable in her tiredness tears. But 30 seconds (or less) of the gentle hum of the engine, strapped into her reclined car seat and she was sound asleep. And the drive run home was only about an hour ๐Ÿ™‚

The only thing that now faced me was “the washing mountain” (all our holiday clothes, our wedding clothes, and 2 – 3 loads of washing that hadn’t been done in the run up to the sneak preview event):



(But sssshhhh….. I took it all to a launderette for a service wash and will collect it today!! Naughty, but totally ‘necessary’ I feel)

Hasta luego amigos! (Cringe-worthy isn’t it?)


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