The Tent Trials: Day Six

I was not looking forward to Thursday (Day Six).

The Babe has a tendency to breath-hold after massive screaming session or a big shock. Although we’re pretty confident it’s behavioural, though unintential rather than deliberate, the doctor (and of course ourselves) wanted to check to see if it was epilepsy-related. Initial tests came back clear. But just to be on the safe side, we were booked in for a sleep-deprived EEG. Instructions were to get the Babe up at 5:00am, but not let her sleep at all until her 10:45 appointment, despite a 45 minute car ride. A challenge!?? I think so!!!

With Hubby away, I surmised that me driving and the Babe in the back wasn’t a recipe for non-sleep. So taxi it was – with me in the back, armed with books, toys and food. However, after a couple of calls round taxi firms I discovered that providing car seats is not the norm. (Is that the case everywhere? Is there a new law or something?) So I had no choice but to bring ours. The good news is that it’s very easy to move from car to car. (We’ve got the Kiddy Guardian Pro.) The bad news was, what the hell was I going to do with it once I’d got to the hospital??

After much frantic thought, we ended up in the following configuration:

  • The Babe in her Pliko Switch pram, facing me
  • The car seat across her lap, resting on the arms of the pram, and the ‘impact’ shield in the basket underneath
  • My handbag and the change bag criss-crossed across me
  • Extra bag of food, spare snacks, sleeping bag and pillow on my shoulder

I honestly looked like a pack-horse! It was less a case of Contented Cow, Contented Calf and more like ‘Laden down Cow, Covered up Calf’.

Laden down Cow, Covered up Calf

Laden down Cow, Covered up Calf

Anyhow, all in all, everything went very well. The Babe was a little super-star, managing to just about stay awake in the taxi – very much helped by the supply of chocolate fingers from my quick-thinking neighbour! 🙂 She didn’t flinch at numerous electrodes being stuck to her head. She played very nicely. And then wonder of wonders, calmly fell asleep on the bed when required. She was an absolute angel!

She did, however, only have 30-40 mins sleep at 11:15 and no more for the rest of the day. By the evening, both she and I were exhausted! I managed to get her into bed by 6:40, quickly tidied the wreck of the house that is an afternoon spent inside, and settled down to my LoveFilm DVD “27 Dresses” – I didn’t think Hubby would mind me watching it without him 😉 I was in bed by 9:30pm!

So hard to measure how well she slept in the tent as she was up at 5:00am and didn’t have a day-time sleep. But I ended the day desperately hoping that this unusual day hadn’t disrupted the progress we’d made on the sleeping in the travel cot front. We would have to see the next morning…


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