Sometimes… But today…


Sometimes the girls go to bed easily. Teeth, stories, songs, reading, lights out, sleep.

Sometimes we then have the energy and time to tidy round the downstairs fully. And make their pack lunches the night before.

Sometimes we’re on top of homework, and it’s all ready to hand in, tucked into the homework folder, in the backpack.

Sometimes I’ve fully read all the communications from both schools and I am aware very much ahead of time of ‘Spirit Days’ at the school and the required special attire.

sometimes: prepared

Sometimes we scoot and walk to school. Sometimes we cycle.

sometimes we cycle

Sometimes when we have cycled, I remember to pick up 7YO’s bike at pick up and take it out of the boot of the car that afternoon.

Sometimes Hubby doesn’t have to leave early so can be on hand for the early morning craziness.

But today,

lunches had not been made the night before. Although the dishwasher had been loaded and run, there had been too much to do in one go. Also, it was not empty, so there was nowhere for the dirty cereal bowls to go, nor the left-over stuff from the night before.

sometimes the kitchen is tidy

Today, I made lunches at the same time as getting breakfast ready, whilst trying to ignore ‘suggestions’ from the girls as to what they did and didn’t want to go into their lunch-boxes.

Today, though my lovely mom friend had alerted reminded me about the impending Spirit Day, AND given me some fantastic ribbons with which to make fancy hair ties, I’d been too shattered last night to make anything after the girls had finally gone to bed. So there I was at 6:30am cutting, tying and bowing colourful hair ribbons. With glue-gun in hand, I stuck pom poms to a ribbon, to make a ‘necklace’.

Today 4YO had to bring a baby photo of herself in to school. And a print out on our black and white printer (we disconnected our colour printer a while back while moving round the computer and never got round to plugging it back in) wasn’t good enough for her. I had to take a framed photo off the wall, and ‘borrow’ one from there.

sometimes we are prepared

Today poor 7YO had to finish her homework (two lots, ssshh…), with all this craziness going on, while I kept reminding her to ‘focus’ and giving her constant time-checks. She finished with five minutes until we had to leave.

Today I brought her clothes downstairs. One minute to change. Two minutes for teeth. One minute for bunches with the newly-made ribbons. One minute for shoes. Then out the door.

Today we didn’t scoot and walk to school. Today we didn’t cycle to school. Today we drove.

Today 7YO’s bike was STILL in the car boot, so visibility out the back was somewhat impaired.

Today 20 metres down the road, we realised the completed homework was on the kitchen surface. Today we had to turn around and drive back, so I could rush in and get it. Then we left again.

Sometimes things all go right. But today they went wrong.

Then again sometimes…

Sometimes either or both girls wake up in a grump. Sometimes I wake up in a grump.

Sometimes I shout during the morning craziness. Sometimes I cry.

Sometimes 7YO and I argue over homework.

Sometimes we don’t even know about a school Spirit Day until we arrive there in the morning.

Sometimes we don’t remember 4YO’s sharing.

Sometimes we’re on the verge of being late for school and have to ‘come on girls, run’ as we hear the last bell blast.

Sometimes 7YO’s lip wobbles as she says goodbye to 4YO and I, because she doesn’t want to leave us and feels sad. And I feel sad and wobbly.

Sometimes 4YO’s cries and shouts when I leave her. And I want to cry.

Sometimes I walk back into the house after drop offs and I feel ready to finish before I’ve even started my day.

But today,

no-one woke up in a grump.

Today, whilst I ‘strongly encouraged’ 7YO to focus on her homework, I didn’t shout. We didn’t argue and fall out.

Today 7YO DID get to wear something special for Spirit Day (thanks again mom friend 🙂).

Today, 4YO did get to take her baby photo to class for sharing.

Today we sung along to Pitbull’s “I know you want me (Calle Ocho)” in the car on the way to school and car-danced.

Today we arrived even before the first bell, despite having to go back for the homework.

Today, after numerous hugs and kisses for both 4YO and me, 7YO happily breezed into class.

Today, due to 4YO’s seemingly endless love affair with anything ‘poo’ or bottom-related and my revelation that a ‘booty shake’ would be the perfect addition to our sign-language ‘I love you and goodbye’ through the window, 4YO skipped happily into class giggling.

Today I went on a hike in a beautiful location with a wonderful group of friends, where we walked, talked and laughed.

.sometimes we hike

Sometimes things all go wrong. But today they went right.



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