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The Diary of ‘Personally Trained’ Mummy, aged 30+, Weeks Three & Four

I’m sure effective exercise is all about stops and starts, peaks and troughs.  This is good, because if Week Three was a peak, Week Four was definitely a trough. Week Three Monday: Walked the 25 minutes to nursery, then ran back home from nursery. After the previous week’s 8 run… read more

The Diary of ‘Personally Trained’ Mummy, aged 30+, Week Two

Right-i-ho, so after my first proper week exercising, *ahem* I mean Training, how did I get on during Week Two? Not bad, I have to say – I’d give myself a B+.  Or am I being overly generous? What do you think? Week Two Monday: Walked the 25 minutes to… read more

The Diary of ‘Personally Trained’ Mummy, aged 30+, Week One

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have recently engaged the services of a personal trainer for Hubby and myself. I’m definitely not trying to lose weight. (Running around after a very active toddler sees me a stone lighter than before I was pregnant!) But for months now (22?)… read more

“Sometimes you just have to know when to take a cab”

My good friend Leonard and I caught up on the phone the other weekend for what turned out to be one of our ‘Power-Chats’. Ladies, you’ll know what I mean: 1) we talked about literally everything in our lives, 2) we analysed said everything to the nth degree, 3) Leonard’s OH… read more

Home Alone

It was with an immense sense of trepidation that I approached this weekend just gone. With Hubby working away during the weeks, I’m a pseudo single mum on weekdays and used to it, but it does means BF and I relish the weekends even more, when there’s the three of… read more

Parenthood in Pictures

I’ve been wondering what do with Contented Calf’s ‘Parenthood in Pictures’ for a while now.  I wanted to keep it, and to keep adding to it, as there’s still things I see most weeks where I see things (which generally make me smile) and think “that’s because I’m a parent”…. read more

The Toddler Tent Trials: The Encore

Ever since the anti-climax that was our weekend away being cancelled, I expect you’ve been on tenterhooks as to whether we’ve been away since and whether BF slept…?? Well I’m happy to report that last weekend we went away with some friends and their two little ones to a fantastic former… read more

Politics of the playground

We all remember how difficult it was to navigate our way around the social “do’s and don’ts” of the playground when we were young. The playground was a tough place to be. You were judged on a daily basis as to whether you fitted in, what kind of girl/boy you were, were… read more

Spring has sprung! Time for a revamp.

As I sit and type the sun is still just peeking above the horizon. The sun seems to have been shining for weeks (well at least one).  Spring really seems to have sprung.  And what better time for an overhaul? My own ‘revamp’ took the form of wearing a smidgen… read more

Happy New Year!!

I always feel like March is actually the real start of a new year, not January. So, Happy New Year to you all !! In January I still feel in the depths of cold, dark (and in recent years, snowy) winter and all I feel like doing is hibernating. I… read more

All before 10am!!

Something happens to you when you become a parent and you lose all sense of time. Never (ever ever) sleeping in past 7am gives you a whole new perspective on when days start and end. (For me 6am and 10pm; for one of my best friends (sans bébé) 8am and… read more

Toddler Jekyll and Little Miss Hyde

*Takes a large swig of much-needed wine as I type* I think it’s safe to say that we’ve now fully entered ‘The Toddler Zone’. And along with walking and talking, the Babe has added tantrums to her new acquired skills. At 18 months old, the ‘Babe’ is not really a… read more

The Tent Trials: Day Six

I was not looking forward to Thursday (Day Six). The Babe has a tendency to breath-hold after massive screaming session or a big shock. Although we’re pretty confident it’s behavioural, though unintential rather than deliberate, the doctor (and of course ourselves) wanted to check to see if it was epilepsy-related…. read more

Oh, the glamour!

I had yet another truly glamourous moment one evening last week. I’m not going to say much about it because I think a picture (read: youtube clip) says a thousand words. I’ll just set the scene: I picked the babe up from nursery as usual where the head of the… read more

“Poo-st Traumatic” Stress

Before I had my daughter, friends with babies extolled the virtues of joining the NCT.  They were right – through my NCT classes I met a wonderful group of friends.  We’ve supported each other through our ups and downs and general experiences of Mummydom.  However, most of what we talked… read more

It takes nine months…

It was my daughter’s first birthday last weekend, and it got me thinking and reflecting on the roller-coaster ride that has been her first year with us…. They say it takes around nine months after giving birth for your body to return to how it was before – nine months… read more