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A Good Morning all round

After a happy drop-off at nursery with all smiles, no tears, as I headed back home on the bus, I realised that today was turning out to be a good day. It may have only been 8:35am, but already I was ready to brand it a success!  And here’s why:… read more

“Three…. is the magic number”

Yesterday was BF1’s third birthday. We had a lovely day, we really did. (We’ll forget about the massive tantrum she had just before bed because she didn’t want her teeth brushed. I guess it was her party, so she could scream the house down cry if she wanted to.) It was a nursery… read more

Now, what did I forget…??

To forget: to cease or fail to remember; be unable to recall: to forget someone’s name. I forget things all the time: what I went upstairs to get, what’s in the diary for the next week, that I’ve actually come to pick up BF from nursery in the car so… read more

Read all about it!! More Contented Calf in the press and online

Excitingly, the spreading of the Contented Calf word continues apace, with a review of The Contented Calf Cookbook, guest blogging on Mumpreneur UK and featuring in Baby & Me magazine. Simply Haley – At the end of January, the fabulous Mummy Blogger Simply Hayley reviewed The Contented Calf Cookbook and gave it a thumbs… read more

Our wee experiment – revisited

As you may remember from our exploits back in mid-end July last year (The best-laid plans of mice and mummies and Totally potty?), we initially attempted potty/toilet training with BF a while ago, but abandoned it due to a tearful plea to stay in nappies after one post-lunch sleep. As… read more

“The Contented Calf Cookbook” big cook and freeze-athon continues

Three recipes down and many more to go, check out the Contented Calf video blogs of recipes from The Contented Calf Cookbook. First up, join me as I cook Sweet Potato and Pecan Muffins. These American-style muffins are out of this world eaten warm, but the sweet potato, carrots, almonds… read more

“The Contented Calf Cookbook” big cook and freeze-athon challenge

In the spirit of the New Year, welcome to the new Contented Calf video blog. In the same way as Julie Powell worked her way through Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking ”, published in 1961, I plan to work my way through as many of the freezeable recipes as possible… read more

“It’s oh so quiet. It’s oh so still….”

“…. You’re all alone, and so peaceful until….” Although yesterday was the first official day back at work/nursery/normality etc, it was this morning that made me smile a wry smile. Hubby normally does the Monday morning nursery run, which means that we both get up just before 7:00am – he… read more

Vitamin D and Breastfeeding, by Eating For Breastfeeding

Is your newborn getting enough Vitamin D? Does breastmilk really provide everything your newborn needs to have the best possible start? Just about, yes. But recent studies show it might be lacking one critical vitamin and hormone, Vitamin D. In this video, Registered Dietician Stacy VanBibber from, talks about why… read more

And the winner is…

Over the last 6 weeks or so, Contented Calf ran a fantastic prize draw competition to celebrate the official publication of The Contented Calf Cookbook. Hundreds of you entered and last week I had the great pleasure of informing the first prize winner and the five runners-up that they had… read more

Read all about it!! Contented Calf in the press and online

As I mentioned in my post-holiday post, the lovely Jassy Davis from Gin & Crumpets (and fabulous co-author of The Contented Calf Cookbook) and I organised a sneak preview of the cookbook for some local friends, supporters and local breastfeeding experts to celebrate it’s official launch on 10th October. The… read more

What did you do today? I was ‘busy doing nothing, working the whole day through’

One Thursday morning a couple of months ago, I suddenly realised it was approaching 11am and BF and I had not really done anything. I wasn’t really that bothered as it was half-term from her usual Thursday morning swimming lessons and so we didn’t have to rush anywhere. And to… read more

It’s competition time!!

Ladies (& Gents) roll-up, roll-up, it’s competition time!! To celebrate the official launch of “The Contented Calf Cookbook” Contented Calf is offering you the chance to win some great prizes! One lucky person will win the following fantastic package worth over £165!!  One copy of The Contented Calf Cookbook: Nourishing Recipes… read more

We’re all back from Sunny Spain, Y Viva Espana!

Hola!! (And that’s about as far as my Spanish, certainly post-baby Spanish, stretches) It’s true, BF, Hubby and I are all back in the UK and into our normal every day lives after nearly three weeks of ‘ab’normality 🙂 Although I suspected I was wrong, I had hoped that the… read more

Save the Children Campaign: No Child Born to Die – Sign NOW (this morning!)

As I’ve mentioned in my first ever blog post, my birth experience with my daughter was not what I wanted it to be. I’d spent months doing pregnancy yoga, attending hypno-birthing classes and listening to the hypno-birthing tracks on my iPod. My aim was to be in one of the local… read more

This year Contented Calf is proud to be attending and sponsoring the NCT Birth, Baby & Beyond Fair at York House, Twickenham

What will you be doing on Saturday 22nd October between 11am and 2pm? Well this year Contented Calf is proud to not only be attending, but also sponsoring the NCT Birth, Baby & Beyond Fair at York House, Richmond Road, Twickenham, TW1 3AA. We’re really excited about being at this… read more

It’s here!! It’s really here!! (A sneak peak of THE book!)

It was with intrepidation that I went to pick up a parcel yesterday. I knew it would be the sample copy ofThe Contented Calf Cookbook. Jassy, Rick and I have worked so hard over the last year putting it together and that day I’d get to see the finished product. To be honest… read more

Totally potty?

So are you all dying to find out how our four days of Potty Training went (The best laid plans of mice and mummies)? What was our call yesterday as to whether we’d send BF to nursery in pants or nappies? Were we ‘totally potty’ to attempt Potty Training? Well,… read more

Pretty in Pink. And green, and orange, and Thomas, and Bob.

As you will know from my last post (The best laid plans of mice and mummies), BF, Hubby & I went on a knicker-buying outing ahead of BF’s imminent transition from nappies to ‘big girl pants’. While we were out shopping we took the opportunity to stock up on a… read more

The best-laid plans of mice and mummies often go awry!

It was all planned. IT WAS ALL PLANNED!! I wasn’t going to attempt potty/toilet training until BF was nearing three. I’d heard and read so much about leaving it as long as possible and not pushing it, that in my mind, as long as she was out of nappies by… read more