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Feeding Our Children with Love: I Support You

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about the struggles both breastfeeding and formula feeding mums can face with judgement, guilt or embarassment – Feeding our children with love – and how this seemed crazy to me, and it had to stop. We must must must support each other. We… read more

My Alternative List of Breastfeeding Pros & Cons

For those of you who know me and/or are a regular to this blog you will know that strange as it may seem for an author of a ‘Cookbook for Breastfeeding Mums’, I don’t tend to talk too much about breastfeeding. I believe that in the UK we have a… read more

Feeding our Children with Love

I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘nursing in public’ aka #NIP lately, which is bizarre since I finished breastfeeding nearly six months ago. I think it’s because I’ve recently come across @Wolf_Mummy on Twitter and her tireless work to normalise breastfeeding in public and challenge head-on Tweeters who write offensive and often… read more

We won!! Both Silver & ‘Gold’! (Loved By Parents & Jaqueline Gold #WOW Awards)

We did it!! Thanks to all your fabulous voting, The Contented Calf Cookbook won a Silver Lovedbyparents Award in the ‘Best Innovative Gift Under £50’ category. I’m truly honoured to have won such an award. As the organisers of the awards say themselves: “We have been truly amazed by the standard of submissions once… read more

I’m Leaning In – to work, and motherhood

It’s funny how in life sometimes things come together at the same time isn’t it? For me this has come in the form of reading Sheryl Sandberg’s excellent book, Lean In, and attending the first ever Mumsnet Workfest this weekend. Although I’d heard her name, I first took more notice… read more

The Childcare Conundrum

Look up ‘conundrum’ and this is one of the definitions you get. co·nun·drum /k??n?ndr?m/ Noun 1. A confusing and difficult problem or question. 2. A question asked for amusement, typically one with a pun in its answer; a riddle. Synonyms riddle – puzzle – enigma – mystery It also conjures… read more

And the awards go to…. us!! (Loved By Parents & Mumpreneur UK Awards)

Well, what an exciting week or so for Contented Calf!! First of all we are thrilled to announce that The Contented Calf Cookbook has been short-listed for The Best Innovative Gift under £50 in the Lovedbyparents Awards 2013. However, for us to win, we need YOUR help. All we need… read more

Cranial Osteopathy: Guest blog from Nargis Ahmad

Within minutes of being born our first daughter latched on to feed beautifully. After the shock of the initial soreness of having your nipples sucked the whole time (plus having to recover from a Day One nip), within a few weeks my nipples had gotten used to it and I… read more

Dear 11 MO…..

….very very soon you’re not going to be a ‘MO’ any longer, but a big, grown-up ‘YO’. You’ll be 1YO. Wow. How time flies. I know it’s what every parent says. But it’s true. Over the last week or so I seem to keep having moments when I think “this… read more

Contented Cow, Contented Calf? I hope so.

For a website that sells a cookbook containing ‘Nourishing recipes for breastfeeding mums’, you might have noticed a low level, particularly on the blog, of breastfeeding information, news and opinion.  Slightly strange, yes. But deliberate. There are many countries around the world where there is little to no information about breastfeeding, and campaigns… read more

Boxing Boot Camp: Days Four & Five

It’s lunch-time on Tuesday, the week after Boxing Boot Camp and I can proudly report: I did it!! Every morning for five days in a row, I got up at 5:30am and exercised for a whole hour before the day officially started. And overall it was great! It must have… read more

Boxing Boot Camp: Day Three

Day Three and I’m starting to get into my stride. Woke at 5:29, grabbed remote, turned the power off as soon as I heard the *pubp*, grabbed phone AND hair band and normal clips and snuck downstairs. Freshened up, clothes on, fruit juice drunk and I was out the door… read more

Boxing Boot Camp: Day Two

As I start to type it’s 8:15am and my arms feel a little bit weak and shaky. Yes, it was Day Two of Boxing Boot Camp this morning. So how is it going so far? Well, the last 36 hours or so have had an incredible dream-like quality to them…. read more

Boxing Boot Camp: Day One

 *pubp* My radio alarm powers up. I lean over, grab the remote and turn it off before it actually starts. I gently push back the covers and tiptoe out of bed. I un-plug my phone and use the light to find my hair brush and a hair band and creep out… read more

Will work have to wait?

It’s lunch-time on Wednesday afternoon and I’m frantically typing away as 3YO lies upstairs (sleeping?) in bed due to an enforced post-lunch nap. She’s off nursery. Again. On Monday she projectile vommitted, then was absolutely fine. However, nursery policy and common sense that she could still be contagious with whatever bug caused… read more

To sleep: perchance to dream? To sleep: perchance to sleep, please.

To be honest, all I really want to do when I go to sleep is sleep. For the whole night. And wake up naturally. If I could do this for a whole seven nights in a row, I would be in heaven. I would be a new woman. This morning… read more

3 Simple Steps to a Greener Bottom

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been aware of the environment, all things ‘Green’ and wanting to do my bit. One of my favourite childhood activities was taking the boxes of glass bottles to the bottle bank with my mum, throwing them in and hearing them smash – brilliant! When… read more

“And what’s your occupation?”

I’ve noticed recently that I’ve had to answer this question a fair amount recently – various registration forms for either of my girls, a market researcher I spoke to yesterday at the station and notably when Contented Hubby registered 9MO’s birth. He decided for me that if I’d written a… read more

Second Time Mum

Last night I sat in semi darkness, holding a sleeping 7MO in my arms. She’d fallen asleep during her final evening feed. Having only managed a not so grand total 45 minutes sleep at nursery (four pesky top teeth seem to be pushing their way down all at the same… read more

New Girl on the job

The time is 09:23. I’m sitting at my desk and the house is quiet. Hubby took the girls off to nursery nearly two hours ago. Since then I’ve had breakfast, tidied the kitchen, put the washing on, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and put that on too, gone round in… read more