Combining Breast And Bottle Feeding: when you want to do both

When I was pregnant and then a very new mum, I heard time and time again: “it’s so important to establish breastfeeding well in the early days”. Aside from not really knowing exactly how (other than a correct hold and latch, practiced as much as one can with a plastic doll), I wasn’t really sure why either. “Feed, feed, and feed some more” seemed to be the mantra. But why?

Since then, I have learned a lot more about breastfeeding and its ‘mechanics’ – as you can imagine, considering the breastfeeding cookbook I wrote! I know understand what the inside of a breast looks like, how milk is made, what ‘establishing breastfeeding well in the early days’ actually means, and why its so important for a successful (and lengthy, if that’s what you want) breastfeeding experience.

All that said, I feel passionately that feeding a baby is not black and white. It does not have to be all or nothing. Feeding your baby formula does not mean you’ve ‘failed’ at breastfeeding. Indeed for me, an ounce of formula within the first couple of days of my first daughter’s life probably saved my own breastfeeding experience, which went on for another 10 months – combining breast and bottle feeding for the last four. In fact, even the ardent breastfeeding advocate Jessica Weber-Martin from The Leaky Boob has written about her own experience of using bottles and formula to feed her own children (The Romanticized Myth of What Constitutes Successful Breastfeeding- An Apology). And movements such as #ISupportYou encourage supporting mothers however they feed their babies. However, there is little information out there on how to successfully combination feed, and how to do so while maintaining your breastmilk supply.

Combining breast and bottle feeding: milk drunk and happy!

How do I introduce a bottle of formula?

When should I introduce a bottle of formula?

How will this affect my breastmilk supply? And why?

Will this spell the end of my breastfeeding experience?

Combining breast and bottle successfully

That is why I’ve asked Breastfeeding Specialist Geraldine Miskin to join me to provide practical know-how and insight on how to combine breast and bottle feeding successfully. We truly believe that by understanding how a breast milk production works and why we’re told “feed, feed, feed”, you will be better equipped to successfully combine formula AND breastfeeding together.

Combining breast and bottle: introducing a bottleIn this guide we look at:

  1. What a breast looks like
  2. How milk is made
  3. How frequent feeding in the early days sets you up for success
  4. How supply is maintained
  5. Tips on introducing formula
  6. How to maintain your milk supply while combination feeding

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Happy Feeding!


Elena & Geraldine x


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