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World Mental Health Day, Fear & Stacey Dooley

With yesterday being #worldmentalhealthday, the @socialmums #SocialMumsOct challenge topic being Fear and me watching @staceydooley’s #FashionsDirtySecrets, it seemed like this post should be a combination of all three.  #Mentalhealth is something I’ve been learning more about over the past few years. It is indeed a strange beast, because everything on… read more

Eight Years On….

(12:30 Saturday afternoon) Back in the Summer of 2010 as my daughter was approaching her first birthday, I wrote a blog called “It Takes Nine Months…” In it I talked about how I’d struggled to fine my sense of ‘self’ after having our first baby, how I’d struggled to reconcile… read more

2014: New year, new routine

For most people the new year starts on the 1st January. For me it’s normally March (see 2011 post Happy New Year!!). But this year, I’m upping my game bringing it forward: 1st February 2014 will officially start New Year in the Contented Calf house. There are a number of… read more

We won!! Both Silver & ‘Gold’! (Loved By Parents & Jaqueline Gold #WOW Awards)

We did it!! Thanks to all your fabulous voting, The Contented Calf Cookbook won a Silver Lovedbyparents Award in the ‘Best Innovative Gift Under £50’ category. I’m truly honoured to have won such an award. As the organisers of the awards say themselves: “We have been truly amazed by the standard of submissions once… read more

I’m Leaning In – to work, and motherhood

It’s funny how in life sometimes things come together at the same time isn’t it? For me this has come in the form of reading Sheryl Sandberg’s excellent book, Lean In, and attending the first ever Mumsnet Workfest this weekend. Although I’d heard her name, I first took more notice… read more

The Childcare Conundrum

Look up ‘conundrum’ and this is one of the definitions you get. co·nun·drum /k??n?ndr?m/ Noun 1. A confusing and difficult problem or question. 2. A question asked for amusement, typically one with a pun in its answer; a riddle. Synonyms riddle – puzzle – enigma – mystery It also conjures… read more

And the awards go to…. us!! (Loved By Parents & Mumpreneur UK Awards)

Well, what an exciting week or so for Contented Calf!! First of all we are thrilled to announce that The Contented Calf Cookbook has been short-listed for The Best Innovative Gift under £50 in the Lovedbyparents Awards 2013. However, for us to win, we need YOUR help. All we need… read more

Will work have to wait?

It’s lunch-time on Wednesday afternoon and I’m frantically typing away as 3YO lies upstairs (sleeping?) in bed due to an enforced post-lunch nap. She’s off nursery. Again. On Monday she projectile vommitted, then was absolutely fine. However, nursery policy and common sense that she could still be contagious with whatever bug caused… read more

“And what’s your occupation?”

I’ve noticed recently that I’ve had to answer this question a fair amount recently – various registration forms for either of my girls, a market researcher I spoke to yesterday at the station and notably when Contented Hubby registered 9MO’s birth. He decided for me that if I’d written a… read more

New Girl on the job

The time is 09:23. I’m sitting at my desk and the house is quiet. Hubby took the girls off to nursery nearly two hours ago. Since then I’ve had breakfast, tidied the kitchen, put the washing on, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and put that on too, gone round in… read more

What did you do today? I was ‘busy doing nothing, working the whole day through’

One Thursday morning a couple of months ago, I suddenly realised it was approaching 11am and BF and I had not really done anything. I wasn’t really that bothered as it was half-term from her usual Thursday morning swimming lessons and so we didn’t have to rush anywhere. And to… read more

We’re all back from Sunny Spain, Y Viva Espana!

Hola!! (And that’s about as far as my Spanish, certainly post-baby Spanish, stretches) It’s true, BF, Hubby and I are all back in the UK and into our normal every day lives after nearly three weeks of ‘ab’normality 🙂 Although I suspected I was wrong, I had hoped that the… read more

“Sometimes you just have to know when to take a cab”

My good friend Leonard and I caught up on the phone the other weekend for what turned out to be one of our ‘Power-Chats’. Ladies, you’ll know what I mean: 1) we talked about literally everything in our lives, 2) we analysed said everything to the nth degree, 3) Leonard’s OH… read more

Happy New Year!!

I always feel like March is actually the real start of a new year, not January. So, Happy New Year to you all !! In January I still feel in the depths of cold, dark (and in recent years, snowy) winter and all I feel like doing is hibernating. I… read more