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category: Sleep

To sleep: perchance to dream? To sleep: perchance to sleep, please.

To be honest, all I really want to do when I go to sleep is sleep. For the whole night. And wake up naturally. If I could do this for a whole seven nights in a row, I would be in heaven. I would be a new woman. This morning… read more

“It’s oh so quiet. It’s oh so still….”

“…. You’re all alone, and so peaceful until….” Although yesterday was the first official day back at work/nursery/normality etc, it was this morning that made me smile a wry smile. Hubby normally does the Monday morning nursery run, which means that we both get up just before 7:00am – he… read more

The Toddler Tent Trials: The Encore

Ever since the anti-climax that was our weekend away being cancelled, I expect you’ve been on tenterhooks as to whether we’ve been away since and whether BF slept…?? Well I’m happy to report that last weekend we went away with some friends and their two little ones to a fantastic former… read more