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World Mental Health Day, Fear & Stacey Dooley

With yesterday being #worldmentalhealthday, the @socialmums #SocialMumsOct challenge topic being Fear and me watching @staceydooley’s #FashionsDirtySecrets, it seemed like this post should be a combination of all three.  #Mentalhealth is something I’ve been learning more about over the past few years. It is indeed a strange beast, because everything on… read more

Five Fat Facts

I’ve always been a firm believer in: eating fat does not make you fat. Well, I had a little wobble when I started uni. However, in general I’ve been a full fat milk, butter and cheese kind of a gal. Originally, without any real evidence to back up my belief,… read more

It takes nine months…

It was my daughter’s first birthday last weekend, and it got me thinking and reflecting on the roller-coaster ride that has been her first year with us…. They say it takes around nine months after giving birth for your body to return to how it was before – nine months… read more