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category: Poo

17 Things I now do in, on or around the loo

I realised something the other day (whilst sitting on the loo): before I had kids, I never really thought about what I did in, on or around the loo. I don’t think anyone does to be fair. All that happened in them / on them were Number Ones, Number Twos, ‘Ladies Business’… read more

Our wee experiment – revisited

As you may remember from our exploits back in mid-end July last year (The best-laid plans of mice and mummies and Totally potty?), we initially attempted potty/toilet training with BF a while ago, but abandoned it due to a tearful plea to stay in nappies after one post-lunch sleep. As… read more

Totally potty?

So are you all dying to find out how our four days of Potty Training went (The best laid plans of mice and mummies)? What was our call yesterday as to whether we’d send BF to nursery in pants or nappies? Were we ‘totally potty’ to attempt Potty Training? Well,… read more

The best-laid plans of mice and mummies often go awry!

It was all planned. IT WAS ALL PLANNED!! I wasn’t going to attempt potty/toilet training until BF was nearing three. I’d heard and read so much about leaving it as long as possible and not pushing it, that in my mind, as long as she was out of nappies by… read more

“Poo-st Traumatic” Stress

Before I had my daughter, friends with babies extolled the virtues of joining the NCT.  They were right – through my NCT classes I met a wonderful group of friends.  We’ve supported each other through our ups and downs and general experiences of Mummydom.  However, most of what we talked… read more