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World Mental Health Day, Fear & Stacey Dooley

With yesterday being #worldmentalhealthday, the @socialmums #SocialMumsOct challenge topic being Fear and me watching @staceydooley’s #FashionsDirtySecrets, it seemed like this post should be a combination of all three.  #Mentalhealth is something I’ve been learning more about over the past few years. It is indeed a strange beast, because everything on… read more

Breast Milk Production and Diet

a) Anatomy of the human breast The inside of a breast looks like a bush – with the nipple being the stump of the bush and the milk duct ‘branches’ and alveoli ‘leaves’ fanning out inside. It is composed of essentially four parts: alveoli or glands, milk ducts and fat, plus connective tissue. The alveoli group together into larger… read more

Eight Years On….

(12:30 Saturday afternoon) Back in the Summer of 2010 as my daughter was approaching her first birthday, I wrote a blog called “It Takes Nine Months…” In it I talked about how I’d struggled to fine my sense of ‘self’ after having our first baby, how I’d struggled to reconcile… read more

Fennel good for breastfeeding: A Top 10 Lactogenic Food

Fennel: good for breastfeeding, but what is it? Fennel is a flowering plant in the carrot family, with yellow flowers and feathery leaves, and is originally indigenous to the Mediterranean coast.[1] The bulb of the plant canbe eaten as a vegetable, as can the stalks. The seeds are often used as… read more

The Accidental 1950s Housewife

“Oooh, I could quite get used to this” I thought as I knelt on the lawn, trowel in handing ‘doing some gardening’ and alternating between listening to Radio Four and One. “I quite like being a housewife.” It was summer 2009 and I’d been on maternity leave less than a… read more

Sometimes… But today…

Sometimes Sometimes the girls go to bed easily. Teeth, stories, songs, reading, lights out, sleep. Sometimes we then have the energy and time to tidy round the downstairs fully. And make their pack lunches the night before. Sometimes we’re on top of homework, and it’s all ready to hand in,… read more

Living clean and green – 12 ways I succeed; 10 ways I don’t

One of my lasting memories of growing up is rushing home from school on a Friday, running into the kitchen, throwing open the cupboard and hearing that satisfying ‘pffssst..’ as I opened a bottle of ‘Friday Fizz’. No, my sister and I were not under-age Champagne connoisseurs. It was just… read more

Top 10 lactogenic foods: Barley – for breastfeeding mums

As a child of the 70s, say the word Barley and I think ‘Water’ (Mallet’s Mallet style) – the image that pops into my head is that of Robinson’s Barley Water. And perhaps summer. And tennis. The other thing that comes to mind, as someone whose mum is a coeliac,… read more

My ‘Mummy Health’: Time Out

Time out. Two words that strike not fear as such, but complete frustration into the heart of my 4YO. (It’s still very much a fun game for 2YO, so not as effective.) Time out for 4YO is one of the worst things that can happen to her – she is… read more

Top 10 lactogenic foods: Apricots – helping with a low milk supply

As well as tasting great, apricots are the friend of breastfeeding mums. They are one of our top ten lactogenic foods and can aid with a low milk supply, so let’s find out a bit more about them. Usually referring to the species Prunus armeniaca, an apricot is a small,… read more

Breastfeeding, Low Milk Supply & Formula Feeding: ‘Spotty Baby’ Guest Post

Our breastfeeding formula There are a number of themes that tend to reoccur on this blog and on our Facebook pages: health, nutrition, breastfeeding (naturally), how what we eat can affect our health, and how formula is not the devil. These are all things I feel passionate about. So that’s… read more

Low Milk Supply – Top 10 Lactogenic Foods: Almonds

Look up the definition of ‘almond’ and you will get something along the lines of the reference: A small widely cultivated rosaceous tree, Prunus amygdalus, that is native to W Asia and has pink flowers and a green fruit containing an edible nut-like seed. The oval-shaped nut-like edible seed of this plant, which has a yellowish-brown shell [i]. General Health & Nutrition There are many reasons why we at Contented Calf love them. One serving of almonds (28 grams, or about 23 almonds) contains: Healthy fat:… read more

Five Fat Facts

I’ve always been a firm believer in: eating fat does not make you fat. Well, I had a little wobble when I started uni. However, in general I’ve been a full fat milk, butter and cheese kind of a gal. Originally, without any real evidence to back up my belief,… read more

Beneficial bacteria found in breast milk: Guest blog from Jo Saunders

As regular followers of Contented Calf will know, I’m very interested in healthy eating – particularly since having my first daughter four years ago and realising just how much energy is required to raise a child – at all ages and stages! Plus I’ve been featuring some guest bloggers on… read more

I could have danced all night… And still have begged for more.

In the words of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady: I could have danced all night! I could have danced all night! And still have begged for more…. I could have spread my (swan) wings And done a thousand things I’ve never done before. I’ll never know what made it so… read more

Cranial Osteopathy: Guest blog from Nargis Ahmad

Within minutes of being born our first daughter latched on to feed beautifully. After the shock of the initial soreness of having your nipples sucked the whole time (plus having to recover from a Day One nip), within a few weeks my nipples had gotten used to it and I… read more

Boxing Boot Camp: Days Four & Five

It’s lunch-time on Tuesday, the week after Boxing Boot Camp and I can proudly report: I did it!! Every morning for five days in a row, I got up at 5:30am and exercised for a whole hour before the day officially started. And overall it was great! It must have… read more

Boxing Boot Camp: Day Three

Day Three and I’m starting to get into my stride. Woke at 5:29, grabbed remote, turned the power off as soon as I heard the *pubp*, grabbed phone AND hair band and normal clips and snuck downstairs. Freshened up, clothes on, fruit juice drunk and I was out the door… read more

Boxing Boot Camp: Day Two

As I start to type it’s 8:15am and my arms feel a little bit weak and shaky. Yes, it was Day Two of Boxing Boot Camp this morning. So how is it going so far? Well, the last 36 hours or so have had an incredible dream-like quality to them…. read more

Boxing Boot Camp: Day One

 *pubp* My radio alarm powers up. I lean over, grab the remote and turn it off before it actually starts. I gently push back the covers and tiptoe out of bed. I un-plug my phone and use the light to find my hair brush and a hair band and creep out… read more