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Lactogenic News, Views & Blog | Contented Calf Cookbook

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Mentioned in the Metro: The Contented Calf Cookbook

Breastfeeding: Why you might not be producing enough breast milk and how you can boost supply Thursday 1st Feb 2018 << There are plenty of things you can do to help protect and maintain your supply. Make sure you drink plenty of water, as your body needs to stay hydrated to… read more

Fennel good for breastfeeding: A Top 10 Lactogenic Food

Fennel: good for breastfeeding, but what is it? Fennel is a flowering plant in the carrot family, with yellow flowers and feathery leaves, and is originally indigenous to the Mediterranean coast.[1] The bulb of the plant canbe eaten as a vegetable, as can the stalks. The seeds are often used as… read more

California Dreaming: Hello from the other side* (of the Atlantic)

* credit Adele. As my lovely co-author, Jassy Davis of Gin & Crumpets fame, recently reminded me, it’s five years since we got our hands on the first sample copies of The Contented Calf Cookbook. Five years! Wow. It feels simultaneously both like a lifetime ago and yet just a blink… read more

Top 10 lactogenic foods: Barley – for breastfeeding mums

As a child of the 70s, say the word Barley and I think ‘Water’ (Mallet’s Mallet style) – the image that pops into my head is that of Robinson’s Barley Water. And perhaps summer. And tennis. The other thing that comes to mind, as someone whose mum is a coeliac,… read more

Fall into Autumn, with 20% discount from Contented Calf!

Leaves are falling With the Indian Summer seemingly now over and storms predicted for the coming week, it looks like the seasons are changing, and Autumn is well and truly upon us. (The good news though is darker evenings and mornings do give us a little more hope that we… read more

The Contented Calf Cookbook is Loved By Parents

We are thrilled to announce that The Contented Calf Cookbook is the Silver Winner of Best Innovative Gift Under £50 in the Loved By Parents Awards 2014. Hundreds of brands from all over the world entered this years Loved By Parents Awards. After six months of work and testing, the short-list was produced. Over 50,000 public votes… read more

Vote for Contented Calf in the Loved By Parents Awards 2014

We are thrilled to announce that The Contented Calf Cookbook has been short-listed for Best Product For Breastfeeding AND Best Innovative Gift Under £50 in the Loved By Parents Awards 2014. Hundreds and hundreds of products were entered into this years awards from all over the world. Products were tested… read more

Contented Calf Media Coverage: June 2014

Please check out our June 2014 Contented Calf media coverage: June 2014 : Women’s Fitness : Easy as A, B, C New mum? The Contented Calf Cookbook is packed with recipe ideas for breastfeeding mums that help to heathily promote milk production and boost energy. The tasty meals can also be frozen –… read more

Mums Love The Contented Calf Cookbook (Mumpreneur UK & Awards)

Ever since we first launched The Contented Calf Cookbook at the end of 2011, people have loved it, especially mums – which is good, as that’s who it’s for! And it seems that the more people who know about the more, the more praise it gets. The M:UK Product Awards… read more

Contented Calf Media Coverage: May 2014

Please check out our May 2014 Contented Calf media coverage: May 2014 : Baby & Me : At your fingertips It’s now easier than ever to cook-up an array of deliciously nutritious dishes for nursing mothers. The award-winning Contented Calf Cookbook now comes as an e-book, so all the nourishing recipes… read more

Top 10 lactogenic foods: Apricots – helping with a low milk supply

As well as tasting great, apricots are the friend of breastfeeding mums. They are one of our top ten lactogenic foods and can aid with a low milk supply, so let’s find out a bit more about them. Usually referring to the species Prunus armeniaca, an apricot is a small,… read more

Contented Calf Media Coverage: April 2014

Please check out our April 2014 Contented Calf media coverage: April 2014 : Absolutely Richmond: The Contented Calf – Mother’s Milk Richmond mum Elena Cimelli has released her award-winning recipe book for nursing mothers, The Contented Calf Cookbook, as a digital cookbook along with a new, smaller selection of recipes in a… read more

Contented Calf Media Coverage: March 2014

Please check out our March 2014 Contented Calf media coverage: March 2014 : TIPS Unlimited: The Contented Calf – Nourishing recipes for breastfeeding mums As a passionate supporter of all things breastfeeding, I was intrigued to find out more about this innovative cookbook. Aimed at breastfeeding mothers this book is not only… read more

Low Milk Supply – Top 10 Lactogenic Foods: Almonds

Look up the definition of ‘almond’ and you will get something along the lines of the reference: A small widely cultivated rosaceous tree, Prunus amygdalus, that is native to W Asia and has pink flowers and a green fruit containing an edible nut-like seed. The oval-shaped nut-like edible seed of this plant, which has a yellowish-brown shell [i]. General Health & Nutrition There are many reasons why we at Contented Calf love them. One serving of almonds (28 grams, or about 23 almonds) contains: Healthy fat:… read more

Contented Calf Media Coverage: February 2014

Please check out our February 2014 Contented Calf media coverage: 19th February 2014 : Worcester News family page : Eat well for you and baby, it’s a mum’s best friend WHEN thinking about breastfeeding, new mums often focus on their baby’s nutrition and forget they also need to be taking care of themselves too. Getting… read more

2014: New year, new routine

For most people the new year starts on the 1st January. For me it’s normally March (see 2011 post Happy New Year!!). But this year, I’m upping my game bringing it forward: 1st February 2014 will officially start New Year in the Contented Calf house. There are a number of… read more

We won!! Both Silver & ‘Gold’! (Loved By Parents & Jaqueline Gold #WOW Awards)

We did it!! Thanks to all your fabulous voting, The Contented Calf Cookbook won a Silver Lovedbyparents Award in the ‘Best Innovative Gift Under £50’ category. I’m truly honoured to have won such an award. As the organisers of the awards say themselves: “We have been truly amazed by the standard of submissions once… read more

Read all about it!! More Contented Calf in the press and online

Excitingly, the spreading of the Contented Calf word continues apace, with a review of The Contented Calf Cookbook, guest blogging on Mumpreneur UK and featuring in Baby & Me magazine. Simply Haley – At the end of January, the fabulous Mummy Blogger Simply Hayley reviewed The Contented Calf Cookbook and gave it a thumbs… read more

“The Contented Calf Cookbook” big cook and freeze-athon continues

Three recipes down and many more to go, check out the Contented Calf video blogs of recipes from The Contented Calf Cookbook. First up, join me as I cook Sweet Potato and Pecan Muffins. These American-style muffins are out of this world eaten warm, but the sweet potato, carrots, almonds… read more

“The Contented Calf Cookbook” big cook and freeze-athon challenge

In the spirit of the New Year, welcome to the new Contented Calf video blog. In the same way as Julie Powell worked her way through Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking ”, published in 1961, I plan to work my way through as many of the freezeable recipes as possible… read more