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category: Baby

Combining Breast And Bottle Feeding: when you want to do both

When I was pregnant and then a very new mum, I heard time and time again: “it’s so important to establish breastfeeding well in the early days”. Aside from not really knowing exactly how (other than a correct hold and latch, practiced as much as one can with a plastic… read more

Breastfeeding, Low Milk Supply & Formula Feeding: ‘Spotty Baby’ Guest Post

Our breastfeeding formula There are a number of themes that tend to reoccur on this blog and on our Facebook pages: health, nutrition, breastfeeding (naturally), how what we eat can affect our health, and how formula is not the devil. These are all things I feel passionate about. So that’s… read more

Nursing in Public – A Satire: Guest Post from OrganaMama, Christina More

As regulars of this blog will know from Contented Calf you will get no pressure, no judgement – just support of your choice when it comes to breastfeeding, or in fact not breastfeeding. This is something I feel passionately about and why I strongly support the #ISupportYou movement (read more… read more

I was simply recovering from a ‘forgotten I was (so very) pregnant moment’: Guest post from Teddington Midwives

There I was: huge pregnant belly, bent over double, holding on to the rails round the luggage rack on the bus, heavy breathing. “Are you OK love? Do you need a seat” “No, it’s OK thanks,” I managed to gasp between breaths. “I just need to get my breath back.”… read more

Feeding Our Children with Love: I Support You

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about the struggles both breastfeeding and formula feeding mums can face with judgement, guilt or embarassment – Feeding our children with love – and how this seemed crazy to me, and it had to stop. We must must must support each other. We… read more

My Alternative List of Breastfeeding Pros & Cons

For those of you who know me and/or are a regular to this blog you will know that strange as it may seem for an author of a ‘Cookbook for Breastfeeding Mums’, I don’t tend to talk too much about breastfeeding. I believe that in the UK we have a… read more

Feeding our Children with Love

I’ve been thinking a lot about ‘nursing in public’ aka #NIP lately, which is bizarre since I finished breastfeeding nearly six months ago. I think it’s because I’ve recently come across @Wolf_Mummy on Twitter and her tireless work to normalise breastfeeding in public and challenge head-on Tweeters who write offensive and often… read more

Dear 11 MO…..

….very very soon you’re not going to be a ‘MO’ any longer, but a big, grown-up ‘YO’. You’ll be 1YO. Wow. How time flies. I know it’s what every parent says. But it’s true. Over the last week or so I seem to keep having moments when I think “this… read more

3 Simple Steps to a Greener Bottom

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been aware of the environment, all things ‘Green’ and wanting to do my bit. One of my favourite childhood activities was taking the boxes of glass bottles to the bottle bank with my mum, throwing them in and hearing them smash – brilliant! When… read more

Second Time Mum

Last night I sat in semi darkness, holding a sleeping 7MO in my arms. She’d fallen asleep during her final evening feed. Having only managed a not so grand total 45 minutes sleep at nursery (four pesky top teeth seem to be pushing their way down all at the same… read more

New Girl on the job

The time is 09:23. I’m sitting at my desk and the house is quiet. Hubby took the girls off to nursery nearly two hours ago. Since then I’ve had breakfast, tidied the kitchen, put the washing on, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher and put that on too, gone round in… read more

A Good Morning all round

After a happy drop-off at nursery with all smiles, no tears, as I headed back home on the bus, I realised that today was turning out to be a good day. It may have only been 8:35am, but already I was ready to brand it a success!  And here’s why:… read more

Now, what did I forget…??

To forget: to cease or fail to remember; be unable to recall: to forget someone’s name. I forget things all the time: what I went upstairs to get, what’s in the diary for the next week, that I’ve actually come to pick up BF from nursery in the car so… read more

Save the Children Campaign: No Child Born to Die – Sign NOW (this morning!)

As I’ve mentioned in my first ever blog post, my birth experience with my daughter was not what I wanted it to be. I’d spent months doing pregnancy yoga, attending hypno-birthing classes and listening to the hypno-birthing tracks on my iPod. My aim was to be in one of the local… read more

“Poo-st Traumatic” Stress

Before I had my daughter, friends with babies extolled the virtues of joining the NCT.  They were right – through my NCT classes I met a wonderful group of friends.  We’ve supported each other through our ups and downs and general experiences of Mummydom.  However, most of what we talked… read more

It takes nine months…

It was my daughter’s first birthday last weekend, and it got me thinking and reflecting on the roller-coaster ride that has been her first year with us…. They say it takes around nine months after giving birth for your body to return to how it was before – nine months… read more